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Project 2 - Allianz Arena and Final StudyFor the second part of the project, I wanted to use Dynamo to alter the color of the stadium envelope and create patterns based on the sun position.
In addition to adding on to Project 1, I used a Dynamo script to obtain seat counts for my Final Study project, a 25,000 seat soccer stadium in downtown Detroit.

I added a color change script to the adaptive ETFE curtain wall panels that make up the stadium's envelope.

I also created a script that determined the "normal" vector point of each panel.  This script could be used to alter color patterns based on sun location or position of a still image.

In addition to applying color change scripts to Project 1, I needed a way to calculate exact seat counts for various seating conditions in my Final Study project.

I designed a script that counted each seat family separately, then added them together in groups based off of their seating environments (General Seating Bowl, Hospitality, and Suppor…
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ARCH 653 - Project 1

Project Info (1, 2):
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Contractor: Munchen Stadion GmbH
Structure: Reinforced Concrete
Area: 2,906,255 SF (270,000 SM)
Stadium Circumference: Approx, 3,937 FT (1,200 M)
Pitch Size - 86,100 SF (8,000 SM)
Hospitality - 106 Suites

Design Narrative"Three themes define our architectural and urban concept for the world championship football stadium in Munich (the Allianz Arena): the presence of the stadium as an illuminated body that can change its appearance and is situated in an open landscape, the procession-like arrival of fans in a landscaped area and the crater-like interior of the stadium itself (2)"

FacadeThe character of the stadium changes with the programmable lighting on the lightweight membrane enveloping the seating bowl.

Area - 715,800 SF (66,500 SM) 
Total Panels - 2,874 rhomboidal ETFE panels
Total Lit Area - 279,861 SF (26,000 SM)

Modeling ProcessI started by creating a basic curve with length and width parameters tied to a proportional formula…